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HI-FAB Engineers
On a demandé à un Planning Engineer - II...30 juin 2022

Q : What is your job profile ?

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Production Planning Material Planning Inventory Dispatch planning Production Schedule Moins

Santa Helena

do meu perfil e técnica, do meu conhecimento e experiência com a função da vaga disponível.

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simples e objetivo

Lockheed Martin

What kind of experience/knowledge do you have with Simulink? Can you take me through some of the more technical work you done on X project. Why Lockheed? Why this position?

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Always good to say you're looking for a challenge and an environment that focuses on helping you grow and learn new skillsets. Highlight your ability to work individually but also say how teamwork is critical for a successful project and can increase efficiency a problem solving. On the technical side, talk about the work you've done that is the most relevant and also challenged you the most. Moins


Format numbers. Implement atoi Work out optimum stock buy and sell point Implement LRU Cache SQL

NAVA Technology for Business

O nível de experiência que tenho com os serviços da AWS.

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Respondi que tinha experiência com a maioria dos serviços, visto que tive dois anos de experiência atuando como arquiteto de soluções em projetos na AWS, tanto para desenvolvimento de novas aplicações, quando para migração de sistemas legados. Moins

Ad Hoc (DC)

What is your expected salary?


One was easy question and one medium difficulty coding question


I honestly don't remember. It was so generic and gave me no insight into the role whatsoever. I think they asked about a "great relationship" I had formed?


Data structures and concepts along with optimization


Round 1: Manager - Leadership question, DS coding question Round 2 - Leadership question, Algorithm coding question Round 3 - Leadership question, Algorithm coding question Round 4 - Leadership question, System design question

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