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Centre For Neuro Skills
On a demandé à un Counselor...7 août 2022

Describe your professional background and experience... Describe a time where you had to work with a team to resolve an issue in the workplace... How do you respond to constructive criticism and feedback?

American Cancer Society

They asked me about psychology theory.

Bayview Glen Independent School

What is a situation where you had to overcome a difficult situation?

LA Weightloss

Do you have previous sales experience?

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Yes. Retail Sales, which I knew was lower dollar sales than their program so I mentioned that high dollar sales require a certain confidence with understanding the clients needs and overcoming client objections. Moins

GM Financial

Mayor reto enfrentado Mayor aprendizaje aprendido en experiencias anteriores

Bottom Line (MA)

How is the role of Access Counselor in alignment with your future career goals?

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I aligned the mission of the access team with my goals as a professional in the educational nonprofit space and how the role would support my growth and development in that space. Moins


What is your degree in ?

Do you work well with children?

Nova-Pioneer Education Group

They asked the famous interview question: Tell us about yourself.

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