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On a demandé à un Junior Professional Services Consultant...27 mars 2023

Name a time you faced a challenge and how you solved it.


Name a time a project you were working on changed.


Do you have experience working with clients?


Could you describe yourself in 5 words?


Tell me about Sheetmetal thumb rules, Tell me about the Weledments and their symbols Tell me about manufacturing process Finishing and coating. Hardness process and their usage at application.etc


Pcb layer stack up and electronics product cycle

J.P. Morgan

What interests you about this role?

DLA Piper

Come descriveresti la tua giornata nel tuo ex posto di lavoro?

RISE Services, Inc.

Tell me about your resume

New York Life

Wasn't even a proper/formal interview. The partner got straight to "I'm sure you have questions for me. Do you want to ask any?"Like, what is this. Unprofessional and unprepared.

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