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On a demandé à Manager, Financial Reporting and Budget...7 juin 2012


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Bank of China

After they give me to introduce your self . The detail meaning I 'm not convince to work on weekend. They don't talk any question .

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Not comment and say Thank you. Because I know myself don't want work on the weekend Moins


Why should I choose you for this position

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I answers that I do believe in my experience and I will fit the place with adding a value. Moins


How has your life experiences prepared you to work with the public in regards to college funds?

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Being that I've been the kid in a group home, I've been the struggling college student, and no I am the mother of college bound children I feel I can speak on behalf and to these constituents to help better explain what it is we can do for them. Moins

Kohler Co.

General talk through CV. A lot of focus on the size of companies I had worked for rather than the actual work I performed. Seemed to be a lot of attempts to demean my experience. A very confrontational feel to the interview. U.K. FC queries my experience with IFRS102. Calliper tests online prior to interview.

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Re IFRS I explained I was stat accounting for small companies with most recent year ends being 31/3/16 and therefore IFRS was not necessary (as it is mandatory for small companies only for periods beginning on or after 1/1/16. Interviewer immediately told me I was wrong as they'd used IFRS for 2015 accounts when queried whether this was for a small co the answer was yes definitely and they said I think you need to go away and check your dates as you might have a real problem there (for not applying IFRS102). I knew I was right and had read the implementation dates from the ICAEW website however I did not feel an argument regarding this mid-interview was the right direction to head in. I moved the topic of conversation on however it made it rather uncomfortable and certainly did not present me with a reporting line that I would have felt at ease going to employment with. Moins


Tell me about yourself and how did you find about us

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I just research on how to answer this question online, and find them on facebook


What excites you about working in Banking Industry?

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Very good

Mutual of America

What were your recent process improvements?

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I identify a need for automation.

TDS Telecommunications

Tell me whether or not you would acquire company X based on the financial statements, etc. that were provided.

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It doesn't matter whether or not you recommend acquiring the company as long as you can demonstrate an understanding of basic financial analysis techniques, review the financial statements, and justify your choices. Moins

Colony Capital

Are you willing to put in long hours?

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I am willing to be committed to whatever is required to complete my tasks.

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