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Fidelity Investments
On a demandé à un Financial Representative...20 mars 2016

They want very specific examples to all questions. Q. Why are you interested in this role/why fidelity? Q. What motivates you in finance? Q. What do you know about the series 7 and 63 licenses? Q. Specific example of when you had to study for something difficult. Other licenses or tests, how you studied, what you did that helped. Q. Example of when you received excellent customer service. Q. How you handled an upset customer. Q. How you went above and beyond to help a customer and what the result was. Q. Consultative approach with a customer, when they want something that isnt in their best interest. These are all the questions I can remember from all 3 interviews.

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More of a comment, but thank you very much for the detailed answer and for remembering the interview questions. I'll try to do the same during my interview so others are well prepared. Cheers! Moins

How did you feel the online interview went? I just had mine and it was my first interview like that. I felt that my answers included good content, but I felt more awkwardness that I feel reflected poorly than I would have had if I interviewed in person. Moins

More of a question... I am guessing your online interview was through HireVue? I received the same offer and I am trying to prepare for the online interview. You said you listed all the questions you remembered from the interviews, do you think you could remember the few that asked in the HireVue so that I may tailor my answers to the prerecorded ones? Moins

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There was no real questions as all these financial companies want financial advisors or sales reps because they do not cost them a cent . Free labor with no benefits! A heck of a business model. Whomever came up with the concept should be giving a Nobel price by rendering useless the idea that people should demand wages for a job.

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if you have good experiences ,good education this is easy.

This is everything hand is god?online honest person and legal offer few?

Fidelity Investments

Try to research the Meyers Briggs, this should help and prepare for several behavioral interview questions focusing on customer service experiences. Make sure you prepare... Good luck!

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No thats not true. At least I never ran into that.

They don’t hire you if you’re previously terminated by another company which is narrow minded thinking on their part plus limits their candidate pool greatly. Moins

Don't know, I hope not...

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What makes a good sales person?

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Persistance, Persuasion, Being relentless

a good sales person should be able to create results and to get there you should be able to understand clients' needs and with complete knowledge of products offer them the best solution. Moins

A good sales person is someone who is always ready to handle situations even when on pressure. Moins


"Sell me this pen" - 2nd interview

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Smile, nod, and talk pleasantly about minor imaginary features of the product until the interviewer convinces themself to buy the pen? Moins

Find the customer's hot spots by asking open ended questions such as "When was the last time you used a pen", "how do you normally use a pen" and so on and then describe how THIS pen is perfect for the needs he requires. Why this pen is better than a box of plain Bic dollar store pens. The idea is to demonstrate your fact finding abilities and your ability to match those findings with your product. Moins

Ask how much the pen costs? When they tell you a value, you say “sold”

Northwestern Mutual

Who would you contact first if you were to get the job?

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Aunts and uncles, most likely. Then friends of my parents.

No one

Should have said no one, you bi_tch!

Northwestern Mutual

The 40 references was the hardest part, asking you friends and family for money essentially.

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Do not wait to the last minute, it is going to take time.

I am sorry you felt you had to ask friends and family for money. We certainly do not require any of our candidates to do so. We ask most candidates to do a networking piece. This networking piece requires you to ask for referrals of people you could potentially build relationships with. These people are not required to ever be a client, but could potentially be someone that A) could connect you with someone that needs a financial advisor, B) could connect you to more networking opportunities in your area, or C) could potentially be a client if they felt they'd like to. This referral process can be difficult to understand if you aren't fully aware of how it is going to benefit your business in the future. If you were to open a restaurant, who would be your first customers? Most of the time friends or family! They are easier to have as your first clients but definitely do not have to be! :) Hope this helps! Moins

Any money given to the company from a client is going straight back to the client through products and services that are essential to their financial success. Moins


If you were given a goal for the month to sell a certain product. How would you achieve that goal?

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Look at your numbers every morning to know where you stand. Always know where you are at, that way you'll know what you need to do for that day to stay on pace. Moins

Know all about the product in order for you to be able to sell it.


Nothing important or critical to the job. It's all personal and leading questions designed to figure you out and "qualify" you. It's a sales pitch from the word go.

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Answer however you'd like - your answers to their questions don't matter in the slightest. They'll keep probing and probing until you either give them a "yes", or tell them to get lost. Moins

hey did you get your money back?

Western & Southern Life

How much would you like to make in your first year with us?

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Sorry it scored it down, I thought there was more info I clicked to read more. I can't change it:( Moins

I didn't want to sound too brazen, so I said "50K would be nice." Turns out they want you to want to make a lot of money. They told me if I wasn't making at least 50-70K in the first year then I would hate the job. Furthermore, they told me if I wasn't making six figures by my 3rd year then I might want to consider a different career. Moins

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