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Marvell Technology
On a demandé à un Firmware Engineer...28 janvier 2023

Conocimientos de QA de software. Conocimiento de lenguajes de programación, sistemas embebidos, VHDL.

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Tengo conocimientos iniciales de todo lo que me preguntaron, por mas que tengo un perfil mas enfocado en el hardware, siempre me gustó mucho el software Moins


Semaphore v mutex, SPI I2C UART basics. Coding question doing basic bitwise operations, and then applying bitwise operators on a slightly difficult question.

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Coding question is intuition based, need to figure out what is being asked for the question prior to starting. Moins


Describe how memory management in a system works

Clue (Spain)

C++ questions average but diabolical comments from reviewer. :)

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You need to improve process.

Untether AI

What are classes and inheritance?

Western Digital

What is firmware and what is the use of it in a hard disk?

Western Digital

Storage classes of C language and what happens in memory physically?


Prueba tecnica en una videollamada


Explain cache and instruction pipeline

Western Digital

They asked me some questions about data structures and programming. Some questions were about the concept of computer networks.

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