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Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
On a demandé à un Fishery Biologist...19 septembre 2021

What experience makes you qualified for this position? Are you okay with relocating?

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

Why do you want to work for the commission

IAP Worldwide Services

Tell us about your past experience.

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I have enough experience in hotel industry,i think I have fully experience

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

The interview involved a panel of 2 biologists and an HR staff. They took turns reading a question and then all three had their heads down writing down my answers. At the beginning of the interview they asked me to "tell them a bit about myself". Another question If I remember correctly, was to tell them about a time that I had a difficult challenge that did not go well and how did I handle it.

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I was really honest with my answer about the challenge I had at another job and followed it up with what I learned from the experience. When I was done the interview I was a bit worried about my answer for that question and that I may not get a job offer because of it. However, I did get a job offer but I didn't accept it. Moins

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Why do you think you are qualified for this opportunity?

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marine biologist

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