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On a demandé à un Intercompany and Fixed Asset Accountant...18 juin 2015

Asked about the experiences of past company

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3 years of experience in accounts payable

I said about my past experiences


Why did you study what you did ?

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Because I enjoy Finance.

DHL Express

Why will you like to work on DHL

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Cause this is an amazing and developer company, who give solvence and opportunitties to grow, and I like to be part of all of you. Moins

Hyundai Motor

In Trail Balance One Entry or Account Wont Come?

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In a bilateral way yeah! Closing Balance Entry

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

What would you say is your weaknesses?

Fifth Third

Why Fifth Third?

Fifth Third

What's your GPA?


They asked something like ‘Our investors are rushing to launch a new product, but our finance team unable to do so as we have sop to follow. So how you handle the situation?


Why do you want to work here.

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