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Isar Aerospace Technologies
On a demandé à un Flight Control Systems Engineer...16 février 2022

What does an accelerometer read when put on a table?

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There is always some form of diversity question. Specifics vary from time to time.


No real "gotcha's". Interviewer asked about agile software development experience - seems like a plus. Also, Kalman Filter design/implementation experience also seemed important.


Voto di laurea di magistrale e triennale

Rockwell Collins

There were no difficult questions. The only requirement is to show extreme interest in a position. Also pilot experience is a BIG plus.


Algoritmi di controllo utilizzati durante gli studi universitari


Q: What, specifically, did you contribute to your research project? Q: Do you have any prior experience with quad rotors?


Do you have experience with Lidars?


Why do you want to leave your current employer?

Rockwell Collins

If you are Jack of all trades then you should have no sweat with GNC/flight controls questions, and should be able to recall stuff right away.

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