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Isar Aerospace Technologies
On a demandé à un Flight Control Systems Engineer...16 février 2022

What does an accelerometer read when put on a table?

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Classiche domande iniziali sul proprio percorso, motivazioni e ambizioni. Domande tecniche con difficoltà variabile.


There is always some form of diversity question. Specifics vary from time to time.


No real "gotcha's". Interviewer asked about agile software development experience - seems like a plus. Also, Kalman Filter design/implementation experience also seemed important.


Voto di laurea di magistrale e triennale

Rockwell Collins

There were no difficult questions. The only requirement is to show extreme interest in a position. Also pilot experience is a BIG plus.


Algoritmi di controllo utilizzati durante gli studi universitari


Q: What, specifically, did you contribute to your research project? Q: Do you have any prior experience with quad rotors?


Do you have experience with Lidars?


Why do you want to leave your current employer?

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