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On a demandé à un Flight Systems Safety Engineer...27 juillet 2015

What can you offer us?

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Do you accept international workers?


What is the difference between "delete" and "delete[]"?

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One is a list and the other is not.

Northrop Grumman

Why do you want to work at NGC?

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I want to develop myself as a software engineer while simultaneously serving my country and the warfighters who protect it. Moins

Telespazio Germany

Two satellites are orbiting the Earth in a circular orbit; they are rigidly linked by a tether which is always pointing in the radial direction. What happens as soon as the tether is cut?

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The initial motion is circular with angular velocity w0 corresponding to the height of the centre of mass of the two spacecraft. So the satellite above is moving with v_up above the circular velocity for its altitude, while satellite below with v_down below the corresponding circular velocity. As soon as the link is removed, the two satellites are found on their respective apseline (velocity purely transverse), but since v_up > v_circ_up the satellite above is at its perigee, while since v_down < v_circ_down the satellite below is at its apogee. The satellite will move in elliptical orbits which never intersect. Moins

Telespazio Germany

Given the time history of the range and range-rate of a deep-space spacecraft measured by a ground station, sketch a procedure to infer its right ascension and declination.

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The range-rate measure is affected by the GS velocity which produces a Doppler effect, making the range-rate measure oscillate (even if the actual range-rate is constant). The amplitude of the range-rate oscillation is linked to the cosine of the declination (maximum for delta=0, i.e. satellite on Equator), while the right ascension corresponds to that of the GS when the oscillation is null (or +- 90° with respect to the maxima/minima of the oscillation). Moins

Southwest Airlines

Why do you want to work for Southwest?

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The culture, the family-feel, and the experience.


What you know about AC performance?

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I described all factor that effect TO, climb, cruise, Pre- Landing, and landing.


Describe a challenge that you faced and how you overcame it.

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I talked about my struggles being on Executive Board and one of issues with the events. I went in detail. Moins

US Navy

What makes you want this job?

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My love for aviation, and sense of purpose to my country.

US Navy

Why do you want to join the service?

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Family tradition, I want to work rather right now and do college later.

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