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Nova Systems
On a demandé à un Flight Test Engineer...30 août 2015

Do you have any questions.

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Where do you see NOVA Systems in 5 years and how do you see me helping you get there? Moins


What is your name?

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Told them I was Darth Vader.


are you willing to join our team and live in Munich?

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I am not sure yet, I need to visit first and check everything there

US Air Force

Name 5 words to describe yourself.

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5 words and then specific examples for each.


You have 140 hours worth of job but you only have one week. What do you do

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I go to my supervisor and lay out what I have don and what is my plan and explain that I would need help finishing everything on time. Moins


What was my five year plan with the company?

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I would like to grow my skills as a Flight Test Engineer and work in paralell to increase my knowledge base into other niches of the company. Moins

Edwards Air Force Base

Name 5 qualities for a good engineer.

Skygauge Robotics

Prepare a presentation on your works related to the position


What do you enjoy doing at your job? What would you miss least?


Tell me about yourself how you would work in a team? how do you solve problems? what you would do if someone is slacking?

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