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Northrop Grumman
On a demandé à un Flight Test Engineer Intern...12 janvier 2023

Why do you want to work at NGC?

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I want to develop myself as a software engineer while simultaneously serving my country and the warfighters who protect it. Moins

Nova Systems

Do you have any questions.

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Where do you see NOVA Systems in 5 years and how do you see me helping you get there? Moins


What is your name?

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Told them I was Darth Vader.

Edwards Air Force Base

Tell us about yourself. Tell us about your projects. What part(s) did you play in the making of your project?

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They value technical work and confidence. They are a relaxed group of people and love to hear about the work you did and how you did it. Moins


are you willing to join our team and live in Munich?

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I am not sure yet, I need to visit first and check everything there

US Air Force

Name 5 words to describe yourself.

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5 words and then specific examples for each.


Why Bell? Tell me about Yourself. Any questions for us?

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Bell is fairly unique in the industry/ has new excited projects to work on. I told them about about my resume. I asked them about potential for teamwork in the role. Moins


What was my five year plan with the company?

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I would like to grow my skills as a Flight Test Engineer and work in paralell to increase my knowledge base into other niches of the company. Moins


You have 140 hours worth of job but you only have one week. What do you do

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I go to my supervisor and lay out what I have don and what is my plan and explain that I would need help finishing everything on time. Moins

Skygauge Robotics

Prepare a presentation on your works related to the position

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