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Entretien de Technical Program Manager Mountain View, CA (États-Unis)

following questions were asked. Describe raids on disk

  arrays(raid5 vs mirroring ). what is Ethernet, difference between TCP and UDP, multithreading definition? what are threads. What is a critical path in project management.. What methodology do you use in your project management.

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Raid 5 vs Mirror = Raid 5 blocks are copied to 3 disks at least with a parity bit written on forth disk. Mirroring, like Raid 10 is coping blocks into secondary disk at the same time striping blocks accross each set of blocks. ex. block1 copied to disk 1 and disk2 , while block2 is written to disk3 and disk4.
TCP vs UDP = UDP is a connectionless protocol while TCP is connection oriented. TCP packets are resent on retransmission errors or not receving them at destination , while UDP is not.
Ethernet: Link layer protolcol, most widely used LAN technology. etc.
Threads = units of execution which can be dispatched to a core for execution.
Multithreading = The ability to have multiple threads concurrently getting executed by a core or CPU.
Methodology used = Agile . Described how it works etc. Look it up .
Critical path = The critical path is the longest sequence of activities in a project plan which must be completed on time for the project to complete on due date.

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Utilisateur anonyme, le 18 juin 2019

I think the key in generic questions like this is to be careful to cover the fundamentals, and to be familiar with all the followups so you're prepared for whatever they throw at you. Maybe do a mock interview with a Google Technical Program Management expert on PrepTick to get a real-world answer? They give lots of guidance and pro tips on how to deal with this kind of stuff.

Utilisateur anonyme, le 25 juil. 2019

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