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On a demandé à un Footwear Designer...28 février 2020

What are some of your strengths?

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Describe a time when you received negative feedback and how you handled it

Brand Headquarters

What is your background in the field?

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I talked about my past work experiences.


"what makes this _____(design/apparel piece/shoe) Reebok?"

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*Don't say, "because is has a delta/ cross check and side stripes * They are looking for you to dive into your knowledge of Reebok's history and culture. Reebok is and has been the fitness/training brand. Do your research and let that influence your work and you will be golden! Moins

Brand Headquarters

Technical footwear development questions?

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I answered to the best of my knowledge.

Camuto Group

Background and past experience. Then a little bit more about my goals and aspirations.

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Told them about my background and where I saw myself in 5-10 years.


Tell us about your experience

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I spoke about my love for Nike footwear and described my journey into this field. I also described my practice and where I hope to develop Moins


Talk about your design experience

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Took them through my portfolio, and provided relevant information about past roles. Moins

Fortune Footwear

How does my experience relate to the job?


Would you live in china?

Steven Madden

Do you prefer to work work in a team or by yourself? If you answer "I'm a team player" you might be saying the wrong thing and sent home. Just crazy!

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