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On a demandé à un Footwear Designer...21 juillet 2022

About my CV and portfolio

Steven Madden

Do you prefer to work work in a team or by yourself? If you answer "I'm a team player" you might be saying the wrong thing and sent home. Just crazy!


Why do you want to join Adidas? What is your role in the former company? What is your expected annual salary?


Talk about your design experience

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Took them through my portfolio, and provided relevant information about past roles. Moins

Calson Investment

Can you complete a project for us within the next two days where you research trends based on a style of shoe, combine research and color stories, complete line art for designs and be able to justify your direction in a presentation.


Asked about previous experience, as well as whether I was comfortable working on the team as a woman.

Earthbound Brands

I felt that questions were targeted more about the previous company I worked for (and that is when I saw note taking) versus asking questions about me and how I can contribute to the company.


Tell us about your experience

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I spoke about my love for Nike footwear and described my journey into this field. I also described my practice and where I hope to develop Moins

Wolverine Worldwide

Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position ?


What are some of your strengths?

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Describe a time when you received negative feedback and how you handled it

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