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On a demandé à un Forensic Mental Health Technician...19 décembre 2016

What would I do if I seen two patients fighting?

2 réponses

I response to that question saying, I would tell the head nurse who is in charge. Moins

I would try to talk them out of the fight and if i cant defused the problem i would then call for help Moins


How does a fridge work? If you left a fridge open in a room, would it cool the room?

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No. The heat energy extracted from the contents of the fridge is radiated out the back. Additionally, the compression /pumping system will be less than 100% efficient - energy will be lost in the form of heat. Therefore, there is a net output of heat. As the fridge is left open, the warm air mixes with the cool air inside the fridge, and the internal thermostat will detect that more cooling is needed - consequently the fridge will keep running and keep warming up the room. Moins

Depends how big the room is

Imperial Brands

Talk me through your CV

2 réponses

Basically just going through skills and work experience on my CV.

How long did it take for them to reply after the personality test stage?


If a blast happens in a room what part would bear the most impact?

2 réponses

depends how big the room is

Corners, because the blast impulse/wave will reverberate off both walls in phase to be more severe than would occur against a flat. Moins


why are you wearing such clothes?

2 réponses

My personal choice

In an interview, it is mandatory to wear proper formals. The interviewee might have been upset if you weren't, and that might be the reason for his/her offhanded behaviour. Moins

Berenfeld Spritzer Shechter & Sheer

There were no difficult questions asked. Over promised and under delivered.

1 réponses

I just presented myself and my credentials.

West Yorkshire Police

Tell me about yourself.

1 réponses

I said about my educational background, my hobbies and why I was interested in the role. Moins

Safe Horizon

How can the team benefit from you

1 réponses

I said good things about what I could bring to the table

Community Bridges

What qualities do you possess that would benefit cbi.

1 réponses

Answered honestly

Powers Guaranteed Services

Why I wanted to be a forensic engineer

1 réponses

I'm curious how things work and fail

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