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Imperial Brands
On a demandé à un Forensic Scientist...9 juillet 2017

Talk me through your CV

2 réponses

Basically just going through skills and work experience on my CV.

How long did it take for them to reply after the personality test stage?

Orange County Sheriff (CA)

asked about various laboratory techniques

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explained their purpose and how they operate as well as what can be determined from these techniques Moins

Quest Diagnostics

What kind of experience did you have

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Talked about experience with HPLC/GCMS in school

RTI International

What is one thing about RTI international that made you apply?

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I responded with their commitment to engaging exclusively and improving the human condition were all factors that compelled me to apply. Moins

Describe a situation where I had to deal with a conflict on the job.

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I explained a time when upper leadership instructed me to lie about procedures to another overseeing department is asked. The conflict here is due to the fact that I may be asked the same thing at that job or I may be viewed as a whistleblower if I reported it. Moins

Las Vegas Metro Police Department

There are many aspects to this interview: Written Test, Practical, & Oral Boards. You need to take time to sufficiently prepare in order to succeed in this interview.

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Hello, May I ask what type of questions they ask in the written test and oral boards please? Thank you very much Moins

Quest Diagnostics

What prepared you for this job?

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I took a course in college that taught me in all the steps involved in drug-testing in hair. Moins


What is the layout of the wires in a plug?

Tell me about a time you were faced with a conflict at work?

West Virginia Police

How would you explain difficult concepts in layman terms?

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