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BWB Consulting
On a demandé à un Air Quality Consultant...3 novembre 2023

Thoughts on the company and there values


How would you communicate to a client that there is a problem in a project you are completing for them?


Tell me about yourself What was your recent job like?

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Well, I went over my resume in depth.

TRC Companies

What do you know about air quality compliance?


Common back ground questions, questions on past experiences, and how the relate to the job, character questions like "how to deal with stress" or "how do you communicate with coworkers" Technical take home: asked to estimate emissions and draft an email to client.


Tell me about yourself. What is your greatest strength? What is your greatest weakness? Why did you apply for this position?

Trinity Consultants

How do you prepare for a meeting?

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Set agenda for the meeting, call the concerned parties to check their availability at the proposed time, then send email to all of them with the agenda of the meeting and the points that will be discussed listed according to the priority. Moins

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Describe a time you fixed something.


What are your weaknesses? What college courses have you taken?

Spirit Environmental

What is your experience? What are your hobbies outside of work?

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