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St Andrew's Healthcare
On a demandé à un Healthcare Assistant Full Time...3 mars 2019

How do you think you would handle difficult situations and describe a scenario where you’ve dealt with one.

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In difficult situation always I nead my team support or other wise in my porting life get its solution Un fortunately my life is get different types of critical problem ,so I can't fear any critical situatin Moins

I say that my life face different problem so I will try to face every problem create it's solution and get achieved Moins

In difficult situation I try how to achive

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How many smartphones owners in the United States?

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For 2017, the number of smartphone users in the U.S. is estimated to reach 224,3 million. Moins

Know US Population than estimate a percentage of owners to come up with a number. Moins

Have you worked in the medical field before?

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Yes, was doing home health with a private family for two years with a declining Alzheimer's patient Moins

I was doing home with my parents

I did home health with parents

NHS Healthcare Support Workers

Why do I want to work here?

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To get more knowledge and more experience

And try different vibes

had looked at hospital website, done some research.

Newcross Healthcare Solutions

how long ago I was in work

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so you basically slated the company and were suprised when she didnt take you on?! Moins

Well put yourself in herself shoes, would you offer the person the job?

3 years ago

Health Services Advisory Group

Describe your past experience with SAS

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This is what it looks like - an attempt to get a good sense of what you know how to do in SAS. Don't exaggerate and don't downplay your experience. If you don't know SAS but you do know SPSS or another package, say so and explain what sorts of tasks/projects you've used them for. Moins

Thank you but the behavior of the managers reflects the culture of the company. Current reviews supports my opinion. Moins

Marie Curie

What does palliative care mean to you?

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I gave an honest answer of my view.

Palliative care is a special area of healthcare that is based on helping terminally ill patient with their recovery process. It can also be known as person centered care Moins

Care UK

What will you do if your resident become aggressive or violent

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Make the environment safe for him and others Inform your line manager Safeguard others by advising them to stay in their room or stay as a group doing an activity away from him Encourage him to hydrate,eat and take the prescribed medication Write a report of the situations Handover the situation to my colleague before leaving the shift Moins

Try to keep him or her calm in a professional manner.

GE Healthcare

how you do your jobs

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If I'm available to speak the next day.

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Same thing here...

I said that I was absolutely happy to speak the next which I didn't hear a word back for a week. Moins

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