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On a demandé à un Part-time Home-based Business English Teacher...1 avril 2016

They do a thorough technica test. Prepare for questions about yourself, your self-introduction, your work-life balance, how you were able to know about their company, your reason for deciding to apply at their company, what are your strengths, being able to watch their orientation video (found on the site after the interview via Skype), SWOT analysis of yourself as a business English teacher, YNK questions, mock lesson with demo material/s. Also, understand the 5 areas that the company teaches according to the video on their company website (recruitment video different from orientation video).

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Just to clarify, 100 lessons are paid by Bizmates and taught by you. You're welcome. Moins

What is SWOT analysis, and YNK question?

The 100 lessons would depend on how many lessons one gets booked in a day. You're most welcome! Moins

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Are you able to work a minimum of 7.5 hours per week?

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My answer was "yes."



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How many years experience do you have?

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How can you engage a student that is off task?

I have 2 years experience

Give the student a different task

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Why did you decide to become a teacher?

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I come from a long line of educators in my family and I cannot remember ever wanting to do anything else. Moins

Making a difference

I decided to become a teacher because I found in me the gift that I had to teach others. As a teacher a lived every moment, my classroom is my stage and my students are my public, which I love to see them happy and smile. Moins

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Why should we hire you?

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I said that because English teaching isn't only my profession, it's my passion, too. Therefore, I am definitly a quality teacher which is high in performance, honest and sensitive to the company's interest and the client's needs. Moins

I’ve found my purpose in life; to inspire others, particularly students to find the light within and use to guide them in life. Teaching has taught me compassion, patience and drive. I’ll be a good asset at your school. Moins

I am an asset because teaching is my passion.

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May I ask why you are not wearing a suit today?

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I would be wearing a dress for an interview.

If I was teaching children I would probably wear something suitable for getting on the floor if we were working on a project. But I would follow dress code. Moins

I answered: "I was not expecting to wear a suit in a classroom environment, but I have no problem wearing one if necessary." Moins

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What is your passport?

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Indian passport


Teach and Learn in Korea

What does TaLK stand for?

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teach and learn Korea

Teach and Learn in Korea

Total Alkalinity


Do you have an associates degree?

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I have a bachelors

I need a little more time to get all the puppets the board or may I use a 3 board opening ? It looks like three way story board? I need more time. Moins

I attended a 4 year college for the equivalent of three years from 1980-until 1983. I have 65 credits hours and taught Was an inclusion Teacher Assistant for 23 years for Austin Independent School District . I worked Elementary, Middle and High School levels. I earned a Teacher Assistant Certification. I retired December 1918.. Moins


What do you think multimedia is important in the system of education ?

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Multimedia is so important in our education system as we cannot ask the students to learn from the books instead we have to show them proof of something which would be easily understandable . Moins

Multimedia has now became a part of our everyday life. Its important to our educational systems because now students want fast and more easier ways to learn. Books have now become a secondary source for students as more and more students use search engines and multimedia for research purpose and also use them in their everyday life Moins

multimedia is very good for our education system students can learn the things in a more effective way and it can increase student interest in studies. Moins

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