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Clean Harbors
On a demandé à un Environmental Field Chemist...12 janvier 2021

Why you would like to work here?

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To progress my knowledge and gain hands on learning.

Triumvirate Environmental, Inc.

What courses did you take while in school

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A variety of science-based courses relating to the environment


Why would I want to work for Gradient as opposed to the many other environmental consulting firms out there?

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Several of my extended family members work there and really enjoy it.

Amec Foster Wheeler

More of an informational discussion than a specifics interview.

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Which is why i thought it was a relaxing interview. Discussed software uses, positive and negative- how to fix things... Moins

Pegasus Technical Services

My previous experience working with microbial biology and water chemistry.

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With my experience level of 2-5 years.


Standard Interview Q's

Enviro Chem

Where do you see yourself in five years?


Can you describe the function of an Internal Standard?

Triumvirate Environmental, Inc.

What was a major leadership role you have done and what were your responsibilities?

Tetra Tech

What is your prior experience in the field of analytical and environmental chemistry?

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