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On a demandé à un Public Affairs Intern In Louisville, KY...4 juin 2012

What do you do when you have a problem with a colleague?

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Confront them - they're big on confronting each other and communication

US Small Business Administration

Can you speak Spanish?!

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No but willing to learn

Loyola University New Orleans

Why Loyola?

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I talked about what makes Loyola different from other universities, and why that is so relevant right now. Moins

Navarro Research and Engineering

The first questions was tell me something about yourself that's not on your resume.

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I chose an answer that was related to the position for which I was interviewing.

Navarro Research and Engineering

What do you think the strategy should be for the public affairs department?

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I kept this answer fairly broad, but had some specific examples that may improve website management and that involved metrics. Answering with how you'd incorporate metrics is huge. Moins

Navarro Research and Engineering

They will question you line-by-line about virtually all aspects of the job requirements and what you've done in those capacities.

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Make sure you have specific examples of how you've met those requirements.

Naval Sea Systems Command

They asked me to describe a time when I had to overcome an obstacle to accomplish my mission, also asked what I was most proud of professionally

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I answered honestly. I think the more time you spend in business, the more these interviewers can smell that you're feeding them lines instead of being real. I like the direct approach. Moins

US Army

Do you want to do (fill in the blank)?

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That's why I'm here.

Orange County District Attorney

Will you be able to work events?

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I told them yes and that I have experience interacting with public interest work. Moins


Describe one of your best days at work

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What is an accomplishment you're proud of

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