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On a demandé à un Travel Agent...21 mars 2018

why you want to do this job ?

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because I want to grow myself. I want to do big.

I am right person to do this job

I want to make money with my skill.

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Travel Beyond Limits

What about travel excites you?

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Everything about travel excites me! I enjoy traveling everywhere, as it’s an opportunity to meet new people, engage in conversation, ask questions and recommendations of places to go, things to do and experience an environment other than my own. I enjoy learning and experiencing the local traditions, food and spirit of those that live where I am visiting. Every time I travel, I bring a journal with me. At the end of the evening, I love to sit outside and write about what I have experienced, where I went and what I did that particular day. When traveling, I document and write everything I can. This allows me to ‘revisit’ and remember how I felt at that time. I’m a life-long learner. I love to read, research, and take the time to read, learn, and have a visual experience to plan accordingly. Most of all, I appreciate the time and opportunity to travel. Because I don’t travel as often as I’d like to, I love staying at resorts as it offers so many options all in one place. I don’t have to ‘live by the clock’ as I do in my everyday life. It’s an opportunity for my mind and body to rest and enjoy the time away from the hustle and bustle of life. As soon as I’m at the location I’m staying, my luggage is in the room, I walk outside and take a deep breath and slowly exhale, which allows me to let go of, and step away from my norm, and take the opportunity and time to just BE. Moins

Thank you for the opportunity to share why I enjoy traveling. It’s been a pleasure and brought back many happy memories. Moins

Writing this reminded me of all the trips and vacations I’ve been fortunate to go and experience different cultures, meeting people from around the globe, and often, I return home with contact information from the people I’ve met, and we connect regularly via text and social media. Luxury hotels, resorts and cruises are costly, and we out as much as we can into our ‘VACATION’ jar. Whether a family vacation, a vacation for just my husband and I (we haven’t gone away alone more than 2 days since our honeymoon 18 years ago). I enjoy being near water, smelling the salt of the ocean in the air, a cool breeze on a hot day, feel the sand between my toes and appreciating where I am at that moment. It truly is a gift-a reboot, and reminds me who I am outside of my roles in my day to day life. Moins

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BCD Travel

Name 7oceans

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5 out of 7

Atlantic Ocean

Arabic sea

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The Emirates Group

I have not found tests or interview difficult however I was already advised on the day that there were no current positions available but I would be called once available.

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what are the assessment

How to apply?

Would like to apply

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Viking Cruises

What is the booking your currently reading.

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I need a job in Cruise line

I am a Chef, I have 15year experience in hotels and restaurants

I am an indian


Q: If you made ??it necessary, in one of the positions have to choose between your job and family, choose any one of them?

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A: My job, & my best interests in the first place p.s: Unfortunately, I'm material person more than me spiritual Moins


can you sell this pen to me?

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Compared to other pens, this pen is very smooth and comfortable to hold in the hand. Moins

The pen which I am holding in my hand may look like similar like other pen but the pen will give u more comfortable and smooth feel to you while writing and more over the price is also less which all can offer it.The grip of the pen is very good tooo.... Moins

you should be able to convince the interviewer.

Flight Centre Travel Group

They ask you the major airlines (Australia=qantas, new zealand=air new zealand etc), Capital cities (I can't remember exactly which ones they asked us but I think it was aus, nz, singapore and usa), you have to label NY and san fran on a map, Major landmarks & what countries they're in (e.g. big ben=england, louvre=france). The only things I studied were what everyone else has written here, so go through all the reviews and study the questions and you'll be fine!

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How are you finding working there?

I'm only in training. It's pretty full on, but they make it fun. You have to do training at head office for 3 weeks before you go into store! Moins

Do you mind posting a few math questions that will be asked in the interview?

Flight Centre Travel Group

The sales role play.

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hi there I have an interview on Tuesday with them what places did they ask you to sell which countries ?? Moins

You get to choose what country you want to sell to them and you have 4 minutes to go through the sales process during your role play. Moins

We didn't get a choice about the holiday country to sell but were told that we could make up info if we knew nothing. Moins

TUI Group

Give me an example of good customer service

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Give good examples of customer service, when have u excelled yourself with customers Moins

Hiya just wondering what the phone interview is like? What are the general questions asked etc? Much appreciated :) Moins

Hi could you please let me know what sort of things they will be asking during the telephone interview ? I have mine tomorrow. thank you Moins

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