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EPAM Systems
On a demandé à Fullstack Web Developer...18 mai 2022

Technical interview started from a simple css questions(box model, sibling selectors). Standard js question(event loop, closures). A part of system design which was interesting. Interviewer was really great.

Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

The main thing was that they expected a week's worth of development--all aspects of a web page--to be done as a pre-qualifying test.

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I eventually backed out. I had too many other interviews that weren't so selfish as to expect so much time. Moins


Perguntas sobre carreira, expectativas, conhecimentos.

The Davey Tree Expert Company

Some of the projects you have worked on?


1. HTML accessibility attributes 2. JS concepts, including hoisting etc 3. Few technical design questions and component communication 4. CSS selectors and flex-box 5. Simple problem statements 6. Predict the output

Ravi's Import Warehouse

They asked to solve simple algorithmic problems.

Genius Sports

Did not remember exactly, but it was a general question about a game, and a coordinate system with multiple inputs as multiple players were in the game

Publicis Sapient

Polyfill for isArray - You had to write what she knows :)' SOLID Principles DRY rules WebPack

C.S.T. Consultants

basic ReactJS / AEM questions


Render multiple buttons, on click render different texts.

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