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On a demandé à un Fund Accountant...30 novembre 2022

Few journals for 3 or 4 transactions. Competency based questions like Have you dealt with difficult client? Do you prefer working in a team or by yourself? How to you resolve conflict? Tell us about yourself

SGGG Fund Services

telling about company management style personal strength time to handling a project from beginning to end


It was open-ended; Tell me about yourself.


Tell us about yourself and how did you hear about us.

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Start with your education background, your work experience, your skills and then your future goals. Moins

Are you able to overcome your personal problems?

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Yes, I already did


1. Tell about yourself 2. What is meant by Private Equity & Hedge Fund? Key Differences. 3. What do you know about applied role? 4. Why Citco? What do you know about Citco? 5. What is meant by Equity Swap? 6. What is call option & accounting entries of the same? 7. Accounting entries for Futures contract. 8. Any question that you want to ask?

Northern Trust

What are you weaknesses and strengths?

BNY Mellon

Bond, stocks, equity, NAV, work experience


Tell me about a little about yourself?

SGGG Fund Services

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