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On a demandé à un General Accountant...11 octobre 2016

Will you commit for two years

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No Problem, I will

Yes I will

Brock Solutions Inc.

What would you do when you cannot meet a deadline on time no matter how hard you work?

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The answer they are looking for is "ask for help from the team". It is a team environment, so you should ask for assistance from the team. Moins


Have you worked before on payables and receivables?

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If you get a fussy stakeholder, how do you handle him/her?

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Calm him and put down other tasks help settle on his issue first, put his issue on priority and work along with him. Be patience with him. Moins

Capital Internal Medicine Associates

Would I be needing health insurance, my age, how many kids I have.

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These are illegal questions.

Amstar DMC

Qué sabes de la empresa?

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Que es una empresa tours operadora y que presta servicios en diferentes hoteles del país. Moins

Oliver M. Dean

I was asked why I was leaving my current employer.

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I explained that the company I was working for had a negative work environment and was abusive. Moins


Why do you want to work for the Ritz Carlton?

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Cause is one of the most important company, the best in cayman. Working here it would be an upgrade for my career and a possibility to learn a lot Moins

LEDIC Realty Company

what was my experience

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not much, only a year outside of college.

Johnson & Johnson

What qualities are important for your future team leader: both to have and avoid having?

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Important are honesty, ability to provide feedback.

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