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Texas Instruments
On a demandé à un Wafer Fabrication Technician...10 décembre 2016

Why are household appliances set up for 120VAC and not some higher voltage like 1200VAC? Assume that the appliances can handle the increase in voltage/current.

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My best guess would be safety, however I am not 100% sure.

Several reasons. 1. It will very hard to supply 1200V to every household. Current is supplied from substation in a very high voltage but it loses some voltage due to resistance of wire. Remainder of the voltage goes through a step down transformer before it gets supplied in a house. So, very impractical and huge waste of power. 2. Resistance of wire is constant. If voltage is that high, current will to very high, which cause unwanted heat. Also is a big safety issue. Moins

Larsen & Toubro

are you able to handle unionised workman??

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Yes I am

Yes I am


Are you willing to continue to grow as an employee with Pentair, and take on greater responsibilities in the future?

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You can say yes with enthusiasm, but honestly these bigger companies are usually more interested in training and advancing inexperienced grads with their "leadership programs" more so than people that start on the production line. Moins

Global Power Components

Why do you want to work here

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Because I’m so excited about what the company do I that’s my hobby to work for this company Moins


How well do I work in extreme conditions.

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I don't do well in extreme conditions.

Clemson University

How would you improve these designs? (they brought apparatus they had designed and were using)

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I focused on improving the designs by increasing user friendliness and keeping them as simple as possible. Moins

Maxim Integrated

If you notice a problem in the work environment would you confront the employee or the manager?

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Go to the root cause, confront and solve the employees issues, than to management if the problem has not been adjusted to fix. Moins

Effex Management Solutions

I didn't do an interview because I became employed through a buyout/merger of my old company.

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I didn't have any answers.

Janicki Industries

What is your dream job?

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Interview made it seem as though there was a very strict standard for employees. Now I've discovered that few people had an interview like this, and I don't understand why I did. Some seem to have just walked into a position because the know or are related to other employees. They didn't really have an interview so much as filled out an application and were hired. Moins


what hours that you could be available to work?

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!st or secound shift.

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