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New York State Office of the Attorney General
On a demandé à un , Investor Protection Bureau...24 novembre 2015

Asked to explain positions on my resume, as well as my writing sample and a paper I was in the process of writing that I had mentioned in my cover letter.

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Answered with a basic summation of the positions and papers I had written. Nothing particularly out of the box. Moins

Good fine and the other hand in my life and the lives of

GWK Travelex

Why do you want to work for them?

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I was returning to work and looking for a part time role and had experience in that field. Moins

Phoenix Marketing Solutions

Can you give an example of a time you were dealing with a very difficult/angry Representative or Speaker on the phone? How did you handle it and what was the outcome?

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Yes, I have dealt with this many times during my time in the pharma industry. What I've learned from these experiences are to stay as calm, cool, and collected as possible. Trying to switch the persons way of thinking or attitude on the other end can be a challenge, but having so many years of customer service under my belt I was always able to turn it around and ensure to the person on the other end that everything was going to be alright. Moins


Présentez vous ? Décrivez votre parcours professionnelle ?

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Claire, cordiale, honnête

Buncombe County, NC

What would you do if there was an update to the software and then nothing could be entered into the system?

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I would call IT and my supervisor to let them know about the problem, and then I would call the software company tech support because they will be able to fix it the fastest. Moins

Business Imaging Systems

I was told by the head of the Help Desk Department. He was very impressed with me because I was the only employee who had ever asked for the company software to study to get into the Help Desk Department.

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I politely asked what the link was to the Canon Printer site. I asked this question because I found out in February of 2013, a follow worker was getting his Canon Scanning Certifications through BIS, Edmond, OK. I was going to pay for it myself. I already understood BIS, didn't work with printers. I was excited, because I could get a referral. I thought I could get training in an area that I loved and since BIS worked with Canon, it would be a big benefit to work at BIS. March 12th, I was met at the back door of BIS as I went to work. First of all, he criticized me for wanting to get Canon certifications. It was stated an I quote, “I don’t care if you want to get Canon Certifications, I will not help you get Canon Certifications, and if you want to make money on the side fixing printers, then quit and do that.” Moins


Décrivez moi le principe de fonctionnement d'une technique d'analyse qu'on retrouve en aéronautique

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Le ressuage, technique de contrôle non destructif, est beaucoup utilisé pour vérifier s'il n'y a pas de micro-fissures dans les pièces, notamment des moteurs d'avions Moins

Pfeiffer Vacuum

HR round was done by Sr. Technical Officer( non HR guy).

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Got offer letter where the variable salary is to much...nd in hand fixed salary is very very very less....They show tat they will give watermelon type of salary but you will get watermelon seeds only. I rejected the offer as the SR.officer not able to explain the benefits properly as he is not the HR. I didn't accept the job as the officer was rude with me.i hope the MD should know all these things whom to select or whom to dump. Moins

Casinos du Québec

Vous arrivez le matin et vous avez des messages vocaux, des courriels, votre gestionnaire vous demandes d'effectuer une tâche et une collègue vous demande de l'aide. Comment gérez-vous les priorités?

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Je fais d'abord la tâche demandée par le gestionnaire si la tâche doit être effectuée rapidement. Sinon je prends mes messages vocaux et mes courriels en traitant les urgences. En dernier, j'apporte de l'aide à ma collègue. Moins

TEAM Energy Auditing Agency

Why was I leaving my current company?

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My project had wrapped up and I was seeking a new challenge

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