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Juul Labs
On a demandé à un GL Accountant...27 juillet 2019

Walk me through your experience.

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Did you have someone named Kim? They were late 10 min to a 30 min call, additionally she had her 5 year old in the back ground, kept me on mute 85% of the call and stated 'technology lets us work any where these days" Moins

No. The person that I talked with was Angelina Lee.


Tell us about your experience with grants.

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I said I have a rudimentary understanding of grants, and grant-making, but that I had no direct background or experience with that. As soon as I said that, they abruptly ended the interview as I didn't have that experience. It seems to me if they really wanted that experience, they could have asked me in a phone interview before the Zoom interview, or noticed I didn't list grants on my resume. Why interview someone that didn't have that skill set, if it was a "make-or-break" kind of skill set? Just a waste of time....rather unprofessional. Moins

Sugar Mountain

What the difference is between the City Ledger and General Ledger? As I don't work in accounting, it's not really translating for me.

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The General Ledger and City Ledger are essentially the same functions with the exception that the City Ledger refers to Hotel Accounting. Moins


How did you deal with ambiguity?

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I asked a lot of questions and collaborated with those who have had experience with a similar problem. Moins


What is your current notice period?

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3 months.

Infosys BPM

IC balances to be explained

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there are related transactions in between the IC parties: sale-buy , which must be recorded on both sides. Those IC balances are checked if they offset on company level and that proofs correct postings. Moins

Johnson & Johnson

-Preguntas de secuencias. -Pregunta botellas 3L y 5Lpara conseguir 4L. -Prueba de excel intermedia. -Nivel de inglés. -Experiencias previas. -conocimientos contables básicos.

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Con sinceridad, lógica y un toque personal. Hice la entrevista en traje pero no sería obligatorio. No hace falta estar presencialmente en Praga hasta recibir la oferta de trabajo. Moins


Why are you not with your former employer

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There was no room for growth and I want to advance my career. .......Her response to this "I am a quitter" Moins


What are your 5 years goals

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Getting all the experience I can to become a CFO in the future , house, family, masters, ......... Her response to this "unrealistic for me." Moins


Why are you leaving your previous job?

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I want to be involved in end to end process and that's what I missed in the previous work. Moins

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