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AGC Networks
On a demandé à un Graduate Engineer Trainee...16 octobre 2013

Aptitude was easy only time limit was less so answer questions which you know confidently and try to guess rest if you are not sure. No Negative Markings. For GD round be confident and put forth your views clearly , Don't try to be harsh and don't shout . Remember its not a debate . If you don't speak a word you will be asked to conclude which means you don't have any chance for further shortlisting For final round just concentrate on your final year project and technologies which you have mentioned in your CV . They will ask all possible questions with regard to your current profile and you should be proficient to answer any of them

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if your background is from ETC than you can expect quextion related to IC's , Protocols and basic Programming. For CS/IT Programming on C/C++/JAVA also networking. Most questions were project related with twists like why this technology ? why not others ? what was the success rate ? advancement you can do ? Moins

Hello, Can you tell me the likely date of joining?

Date of Joining (immediate): 21st October 2013

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Larsen & Toubro

If you had 26 hours in your day , how would you spend those additional two hours.

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sorry,the question is right but 24hrs is universal truth so con't change timings from 24 to 26 hrs. Moins

If i had 26 hours in a day then i would spend those additional two hours in sleeping Moins

in sleeping

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Academic project Programming languages I know Baics about java

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Me too waiting for the results. if any info mention it here.

Did u guys got offer letter??still am waiting for results

Nope still waiting

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Network Rail

SJT: very easy, have a little practice online then you can pass it very easily Numerical Test: practice at least 8 tests, 18 questions in 24 mins?, I THINK I got 13/18, and quite rush for the last 4 questions. Inductive test: practice at least 8 tests to know the tricks about it eg rotations, same patterns, alternating etc, 24 questions in 25 mins. very rush for the last 8 questions, I THINK I got at least half. Video interview: Why do you know about rail industry, what do you like our graduate scheme, a time to solve problems creatively (feeling before, during and after), a time to build a professional network (feeling before, during and after). what are your key strengths and skills and how you can use them to contribute Network Rail, why work for Network rail. 8 Questions in total. 1 min to prepare your answers. Will give you 1 or 2 mins to answer your questions. Tips for Video: They ask you a general questions, but then give you quite a few sub questions which are relevant to the general questions. PRACTICE EVERY SINGER QUESTIONS, BE CONCISE AND WITHIN 2 MINS. MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER THE SUB QUESTIONS. AND VIDEO INTERVIEW IS WEIRD! contact me if you want more info or discussion

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Did you get invite to the AC?

Very informative, thankyou very much for telling us about your experiences. Would be great to hear more if you can. Cheers Moins

I have been rejected after the video interview so I cannot contribute more in regards to this job. Best advice for the video interview, practice every single question until you are fluent and concise. Good luck to all of you ! Moins

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Network Rail

Why are you interested in Network Rail and the graduate scheme?

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I went to an AC on the 20th of Jan, but they still never got back to me. When did you do yours and when did they get back to you? Moins

I got an email from then today saying I have been put on the reserve list

I got the same response yesterday.

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Tell me about NOV? Why does NOV interest you?

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Maybe i am very friendly

Nov one off the seniority in oil & gas and the management is good and many people was very friendly i was happy work with work in this company Moins

National Oilwell Varco is an American multinational corporation based in Houston, Texas. It is a leading worldwide provider of equipment and components used in oil and gas drilling and production operations, oilfield services, and supply chain integration services to the upstream oil and gas industry. My interest in NOV is to build up organisation and support for the growth of the organisation. Basically I'm interested to work in oil industries Thank you Moins

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Larsen & Toubro

why do you want to join L&T?

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What do you dislike about working at Larsen And Toubro?

What do you dislike about working at Larsen And Toubro?

What do you dislike about working at Larsen And Toubro

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Lumax Industries

Where are you from and what is your father's occupation?

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Actually sir, Am from Shahjahanpur UP & my father is a electronic manacnic . Moins

I m from bhosari ... my father working now in century enka as helper.

i m tanuj kaushik and i m from kotkapura ( punjab ) and my father was no more

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Hawkins Cookers Limited

GD and PI will be the 3rd stage in the interview process.

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If anybody has received the call letter for GD and PI , after giving the exam on 29 April , 2018 ; please let us know . Thank you ! Moins

yeah, I received the call letter for GD and PI round on 12th of this month.

Anyone received call for GDPI 2019? Please let us know And past recruiters, can you please help us know until when can we expect their call for GDPI? Our written test was on 3rd April. Moins

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Network Rail

Why railway industry? Why Network Rail? How do you develop the professional relationship and how do you feel before during and after?

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Show your expectation to the company and tell them how you going to make a contribution Moins

Hey mate, please share the technical questions, if you can.. Thank you so much

I was not asked any obvious technical question.

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