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Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
On a demandé à un Grants Accountant...26 juillet 2012

You are overqualified for the position so why do you want to apply?

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I want to be part of this organization and be one of the exiting participants in assisting the needy in the society Moins

To gain international experience and also the qualities/experience I bring to the table. Moins


How do you handle conflict or differing opinions at work?

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By referring to the organization internal laws and by taking action step by step

By taking time to listen to the point of views of the other person or by understanding the other persons perspective, and working out collaborative solutions. Moins

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Tell us how your experience and values align with our mission?

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Very very nice & good

God bless you Bill & melinda gates foundation

Which grants did you apply for online and which did you apply for on paper?

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I don't keep track of those things. It's more important to me to focus on crafting great answers to the questions asked and less on the format in which I answer them, although I always keep a copy of all grants for reference.. Moins

Coventry City Council

The second part was the interview questions. For this particular benefits advisory role, a lot of questions mentioned in the other reviews for Cov Council did not appear; instead, the questions were very specific to the role: 1) What is your knowledge of the role? 2) Housing legislation is always changing and this impacts how we do this role, how would you adapt to this change?

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I think

Jewish Family Service

How would you rate tour writing skills?


Tell me about your grants management specialist skills from cradle to grave.

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I was able to tell them about the pre and post-award process of grants management and even spoke about the request for budget modification, carryover, no-cost extension, etc. Moins

PNO Consultants

They asked whether I know what is the business they do and how they do it, and what I would like the most to do.

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Do your research, and select what type of sector you would like to work on, however, be open to new challenges. Moins


Tell me about your grant writing experience

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I reviewed with the interviewer the types of grant proposals I had previously written, which were primarily for family foundations, plus a few for institutions. The interviewer was very friendly and positive on the phone and promised to get back to me with a ballpark salary figure. I never heard anything further, including no answer to my follow-up email to the interviewer. Moins

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Them to me: How do I structure my work approach? How will I gather the necessary information? What challenges do I foresee. We were already dealing on a level beyond the typical initial meeting questions of: What are your best accomplishments? What do you think you struggle with? How do you see yourself fitting with this company. When I'm beyond that I focus on reinforcing with my client how I get jobs don in a reliable fashion though most of it is done independently.

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I asked questions too after giving answers that showed concrete understanding of the needs of the situation. In this case I asked about deadlines and how realistic it was that we could accomplish the two that they wanted with the director on maternity leave. What similar documents did they already have written for me to educate myself from in order to produce new writing. In the case of entirely new challenges, who would be available for me to interview? What educational events, tours, or meetings could I attend to self-educate? Who would be able to respond to questions or drafts to meet deadlines? Yes I'd get paid, but an unsuccessful project even if it's not my "fault" just is a bad situation. In this case, I turned down the work because we weren't going to succeed for these specific deadlines and they could see that also. Moins

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