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On a demandé à un Grant Writer...27 juin 2012

Which grants did you apply for online and which did you apply for on paper?

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I don't keep track of those things. It's more important to me to focus on crafting great answers to the questions asked and less on the format in which I answer them, although I always keep a copy of all grants for reference.. Moins


Tell me about your grant writing experience

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I reviewed with the interviewer the types of grant proposals I had previously written, which were primarily for family foundations, plus a few for institutions. The interviewer was very friendly and positive on the phone and promised to get back to me with a ballpark salary figure. I never heard anything further, including no answer to my follow-up email to the interviewer. Moins

UC Davis

What was the most enjoyable aspects of a previous job?

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I told them I enjoyed independence with limited guidance. My boss treated me like a team member instead of an employee. Moins

Deborah Heart and Lung Center

Most questions were about " who do you know?" They weren't about the grant writing process at all.

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Every time I answered with best practices about the grant writing process, they redirected and kept asking about who I know. I did not speak poorly about anyone,, even though I had experienced a lack of professionalism by many of the people whom they mentioned.. I was not going to discuss that type of thing in the interview that is supposed to be about my skills and what I bring to the table. These were not in line with appropriate interview questions. Moins

Brigham and Women's Hospital

What do you know about RO1's

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United Methodist Retirement Communities

What do you know about United Methodist Retirement Communities?

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I replied that I knew their mission and their vision and that I appreciated the good work they were doing. (I suggest doing your homework before you interview- they are a nonprofit and appreciate people knowing what they're going to work for) Moins

The Nature Conservancy

What is the most threatening thing to our planet, in your opinion? If a grant was managed in error, how would you correct that information to the funder?

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why I didn't put down my military service in the CV

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no relationship to the job

Spokane Tribe of Indians

What was one of my biggest accomplishments?

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I quickly thought of a big accomplishment, however, it was tied in with writing or planning. Moins

Elevate (DC)

Have you written grants before or been involved with non-profit fundraising?

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Tell us about a time you made a mistake and how you handled it.

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