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Big Brothers Big Sisters
On a demandé à un Freelance Grant Writer/Project Manager...13 juillet 2022

Do you have experience writing federal government grants?

Alien Technology Transfer

Strangely, they asked questions about the kind of companies I would accept as clients... even though that was nowhere near the job description.

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I worked there for the trial period, then left relieved.

ARRO Consulting

“When was a time that you had to meet a deadline”

Center for International Environmental Law

How would you approach a meeting with program staff to clarify a rough proposal draft that came from their team?

The Salvation Army

Of all the nonprofits and charities doing similar work, why the Salvation Army?

Grants Plus

Standard questions about grant writing; they did ask about commitment to DEI

SMU (Southern Methodist University)

They were especially keen to hear about how the candidate would manage multiple priorities, tight deadlines, and interactions with subject-experts across the University.

The Marine Mammal Center

Why are you interested in this position/organization?

Our Family Services

What had I done in the past that was an innovative addition to the workplace.

Phalen Leadership Academy

The questions were writing prompts that included questions specific to grants that fund PLA schools.

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