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Harris County, Texas
On a demandé à un Grants Administrator...3 octobre 2016

Would I be willing to work for only $60K/year?

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I would be willing to START with $60K/year.

inVentiv Health

Experience questions, honestly I cannot remember exactly.

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wanted to make a comparison with the my position and what was different with the position offered

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the only difference would be the selected number of awardees

United Methodist Retirement Communities

What do you know about United Methodist Retirement Communities?

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I replied that I knew their mission and their vision and that I appreciated the good work they were doing. (I suggest doing your homework before you interview- they are a nonprofit and appreciate people knowing what they're going to work for) Moins

Girl Scouts USA

Why do you want to work for the Girl Scouts?

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Because the organization's mission fits perfectly with my personal mission to help kids. Moins

Boston Children's Hospital

Salary expectation

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Gave my current rate, but did not find out until after interview that my current rate is well below the salary expectation. Moins

Ulster University

they asked about my hobby - as a watercolour artist

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I described my favourite painting of the fishing boats in Kilkeel

Duke University

How do you deal with difficult people who are used to getting their way?

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I explained that it’s been my experience to let difficult people have their say and get their point across so they felt heard. Afterwards I will explain my point-of-view and how I arrived at it; making sure to do plenty of research before walking into those situations so that I have facts behind my argument. Moins

Clinton Health Access Initiative

-How confident do you feel with excel? What things do you know about excel? -How much money did you manage in your last role? What was it used for? -How do you maintain communication with staff around the world? -What is one challenge you overcame in your last role and what did you learn from it?

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Am very good with excel. Thanks.

Social Investment Business

Why I am interested in the role? What I could bring to the role? Attention to detail skills? My support skills? What my customer service skills were like. Team work skills.

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I gave examples of how I have done these in practice.

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