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Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
On a demandé à un Grants Accountant...26 juillet 2012

You are overqualified for the position so why do you want to apply?

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I want to be part of this organization and be one of the exiting participants in assisting the needy in the society Moins

To gain international experience and also the qualities/experience I bring to the table. Moins

Metropolitan Family Services

What are greatest strengths

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What are greatest weaknesses

Group Health Foundation

They asked about experienced with grant management software and introducing GMS to an organization

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I explained my experience with GIFTS and talked through recent software introductions in my current position Moins


Did I manage staff placed in organization's field offices globally?

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Yes, I did. I gave examples of 5 field offices in 4 different countries; described our communication; daily engagement, etc. Moins

University of Maryland

Tell me about your grant experience

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Outlined my work experience in grants

International Rescue Committee

Tell us about yourself and why do you want to join IRC

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I was out of a contract.

Save the Children

Why do you want to work for Save the Children?

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I love working with and for children. I also love working with data and this presents an opportunity to use data to learn how to improve children's outcomes. Moins


What are the reasons for the poverty in USA?

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immigration status, lack of education

Texas General Land Office

Are you willing to travel?

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Hispanics in Philanthropy

What is your management style?

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Hands off - I let people be professional. I only intervene if necessary. Not a micro manager. Moins

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