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Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
On a demandé à un Grants Accountant...26 juillet 2012

You are overqualified for the position so why do you want to apply?

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I want to be part of this organization and be one of the exiting participants in assisting the needy in the society Moins

To gain international experience and also the qualities/experience I bring to the table. Moins

Metropolitan Family Services

What are greatest strengths

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What are greatest weaknesses

Group Health Foundation

They asked about experienced with grant management software and introducing GMS to an organization

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I explained my experience with GIFTS and talked through recent software introductions in my current position Moins


Did I manage staff placed in organization's field offices globally?

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Yes, I did. I gave examples of 5 field offices in 4 different countries; described our communication; daily engagement, etc. Moins


What are the reasons for the poverty in USA?

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immigration status, lack of education

University of Maryland

Tell me about your grant experience

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Outlined my work experience in grants

Save the Children

Why do you want to work for Save the Children?

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I love working with and for children. I also love working with data and this presents an opportunity to use data to learn how to improve children's outcomes. Moins

International Rescue Committee

Tell us about yourself and why do you want to join IRC

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I was out of a contract.

Texas General Land Office

Are you willing to travel?

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Hispanics in Philanthropy

What is your management style?

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Hands off - I let people be professional. I only intervene if necessary. Not a micro manager. Moins

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