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Instructor Brandon
On a demandé à un Graphic Designer Intern...5 août 2021

3 strengths and 3 weaknesses

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A defining moment in my life

Aashman Foundation

What are your strengths?

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I told them about my strength which is related to Designing only that is my imagination power is very good and i can see someone's perspective through their eyes. Moins

Trend Micro

We started an interview with 1 Product owner. They will ask a lot of questions about your portfolio and your work. We should DEMO our work and make a presentation. After the interview, my interviewer notify me that I was hired immediately.

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I tell them the project on my portfolio is still available right now.


Which part of the design process are you most comfortable with? What can you tell me about you? show me a 10 min study case.

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I just told them about my experiences and they were very attentive

Sky Deutschland Fernsehen

Which work do you like the most in your portfolio?

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I choose one of my work, and I explain why I like it.


If i know the basics of Photoshop and Ai

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What's your favourite project you have done?

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I picked one and describe how I like it and then ask them back the same thing. People always like to talk about themselves. Moins


What is my favorite subject in my course

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3D Animation

Kompas Gramedia

Please explain your work on the portfolio you sent us.

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