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On a demandé à un Motion Graphics Designer...28 août 2016

Do you work primarily with Mac or with PC?

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I primarily work with PC.

Mac and pc

I primarily work with PC with ram 8, NVIDIA, Windows 10 the newest, Intel Core i7. Thank you for asking this 🙏🏻😊 Moins


Design a hardware to detect how many bits are 1 with only combination logic design

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Use adders connected in series adding in 1 for each bit in the word which is '1', and 0 for each bit which is '0'. Moins

lets assume the number is 8 bits . So use 8 2-to-1 muxes ( inputs as 0 and 1 ) and feed the connect the select switches to each bit of the number . So if the bit is high , 1 is propagated or else 0 is propagated .Check for the number of high mux outputs. Moins

Permeative Technologies

How will you manage a person who is not co-operative??

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We have read about the person mind then its easy to convey him ex:if he say anything we have to accept that bcz he was our client we have to make him happy with our works. Moins

We have read about the person mind then its easy to convey him ex:if he say anything we have to accept that bcz he was our client we have to make him happy with our works. Moins


Given a list of 2D points, determine if the shape they make is concave or convex.

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I'm not going to bother looking it up.

Sounds like a hill climbing problem

Engage Digital Partners

How would you approach creating an explainer video?

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I would do my research about the client, their brand, the aim of the video and look at any existing material online that would inspire me before undertaking this task. If a voiceover track was supplied I would then use that as the basis of my animation and begin creating to the narration. Some preliminary planning would take place, such as the general creative vision of the piece and perhaps storyboard some of the main parts of the sequence. If there was no voiceover track then I would proceed the same way but perhaps with a music track picked out so I have some audio cues to stick to. Moins

- Know the client and their needs or guidelines for the video. - Brainstorm with the people involved for the concept and the mood (styles/look). - Make the storyboard for the flow of the story, voice overs and background music mostly dictates the flow or the vibe of the animation. - Get busy! Animation mode! Moins


how to find if a number of a power of 2 in constant time?

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bool IsPower2(int n) { if(n!=0 && (n&(n-1)==0)? return true; return false; } Moins

bool IsPower2(int n) { if(n&(n-1)==0)return true; return false; } Moins

Bending Spoons

Come ti sei avvicinato al mondo del design?

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il colloquio è sostenuto in inglese?

Il colloquio è in italiano


Can you work on weekends?

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Yes, most definitely.

Sorry, no.

Engage Digital Partners

Who do you think is growing currently in the social media space?

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I did my research on the big players in the industry that was relevant to Engage and compared the social presence of several organisations on different platforms, which I then explained to them with my understanding of the dynamics and other external factors and their influence on the aforementioned social players. Moins

Right now, I think Instagram is the horizon of this growing social media space. The reason for this is because of the domination in video content for entertainment, fashion, marketing, small businesses, education, etc. Moins

Intel Corporation

Linked list,how do u retrieve 5th element from end of the list?how do u write testcase for this ?

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Node* nthBeforeEnd(List list, int n) { if (input_list.length head); Node* behind = ahead; for (int i = 0; i next; } // ahead is now n nodes after behind // (equivalently) behind is now n nodes before ahead while (ahead != NULL) { ahead = ahead->next; behind = behind->next; } // behind is still n steps before ahead // ahead is at end-of-list, // so behind is the nth from the end-of-list return behind; } Moins

My answer got mangled so here is a text version: Make two pointers to the head of the list Move one pointer to next 5 times. Move both pointers to next until the first pointer hits the end of the list. The other pointer is 5 moves behind so is 5th from the end of the list. Moins

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