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Johnson Controls
On a demandé à un Hardware Engineer/Internship...7 juillet 2021

Describe your most recent project that you have done

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Talked about my smart meter group project design


Background of Electrical Engineering and information regarding skillsets and current projects

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With the common electrical engineering background and personal project experiences Moins

Rockwell Automation

Mention one time you couldnt overcome one problem? and what did you do

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I failed out of school and I had to go back to my hometown to go to community college and work full time for a year to try and transfer back Moins


3 of 5 interviewers asked about signal integrity analysis

Imagination Technologies

Draw and explain the waveforms of a cascaded D type flipflop configuration.

Analog Devices

Describe a project you have worked on

Western Digital

What is one of the projects you did that will help you contribute to our company?


Do you know anything about I2C, UART, SPI...

IMC Trading

The multiple choice problems asked stuff like how do you make a 2:1 MUX, reduce the clock speed by a half, etc.


How does 802.11 work?

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