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Q: They asked me bout my education and previous projects. Q: HW/VHDL/FPGA Design Q: Then they asked me in the OOP concepts. Q: They asked me to write C++ code on the board. Q: They asked me about the company and what is my strength. Q: Also, they asked about what the people say about me. 2nd Interview In the same manner, he asked to present myself and asked me in the STL and OOP, he gave me a c++ code and asked for its output.

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I answered most of the questions. for the HW part: I answer all the questions For the OOP I did not answer all of the questions. Although all the question was very straight forward, I did not answer few questions because I did not use them before, I do not know why they did not proceed in my application, although I have the skills they are looking for. After the second interview, I was sure that I got the job, but I was shocked when I received the rejection email. Anyway, I believe that I will work there one day. I wanted that job because It was my perfect fit to my skills. I believe if I have been chosen, I would give a lot there.

why did you apply for lear?

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