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On a demandé à un Hardware Test Engineer...28 août 2010

how would you test a RAM ?

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You would write to and read from every memory block. For example, in an 8-bit RAM chip you could write 0x55 to address block 0 and then read it from address block 0 to verify that the data written matches the data read. Next you would write 0xAA to the same address to toggle all the bits and run through the same read/write cycle. Continue for all RAM memory blocks of the data read always matches your RAM is good. Moins

To structurally test the memory, there are well established algorithms such as checkerboard, walking 1/0, moving inversion etc. that are used. It is also necessary to check addressing muxes to ensure correct access to memory locations. You also want to check functional behavior of memory (though only during validation, not needed for use structural tests for that). Moins


It was total technical interview which included questions from software as well as hardware point of view.

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Dear I have an interview in a week , and the title is "hardware Engineer intern". Could you remember the questions ? or which areas should I focus more ? thanks Moins

I am not sure about the internship process but they asked different questions from different areas like, I had to write C Program to find out whether the number is power of 2 or not Knowledge about RF and ADCs Something from your resume Moins


How do you scale down the input of an isolated converter?

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So you're saying even though the positions are open for hardware engineering, they don't need to fill them? Moins

You need to design a transformer with the proper turns ratio.


What physiological things can affect a PPG measurement.

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This was a hard question as I didn't know if i should focus on things affecting the quality of signal or the signal itself. I froze, focused on the first one and came up with motion artefacts and sweat and finger swelling i guess. Moins

Cook Medical Inc

What does strain mean and its definition?

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It is a measurement of stretch. It quantifies the level of elongation.

Samsung Electronics

Computer Architecture(Memory and cache),Digital Electronics and Op-Amp based questions

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Digital electronics


Basic previous experience questions.

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Be up front and tell them you want to learn.


what is the meaning of nyquist criteria, why do we do impedance matching

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Impedence matching gives maximum output power.


a lot of technical questions. Example: write code to convert a number to an Excel spreadsheet header.

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public static string IntToExcelHeaderString(int n) { string str = ""; while ((n % 26) >= 0) { str += (char)((n % 26) + 'A'); n = n / 26 - 1; } char[] arr = str.ToCharArray(); Array.Reverse(arr); //Array.Sort(arr); // Reverse() is a Linq function //char[] reversed = str.Reverse().ToArray(); //reversed.ToString(); return new string(arr); } Moins


How would you more efficiently test a product.

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Vary the conditions of the test, test for worst case scenarios rather than ideal. Moins

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