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Super Micro Computer, Inc. (Supermicro)
On a demandé à un Hardware Validation Engineer...20 juillet 2011

Tell me the waveform output at probe 1 and 2. The problem consist of a dc 5V going to a 5V sine wave input going to a capacitor. This system is then going into a 12V dc input with a two 1K resistor in parallel. This feeds into a emitter side of a transistor with a +-3V toggle as a base. The collector is going to ground. The two probe points is (1) before the cap and (2) before the emitter.

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The solution was at probe (1) the waveform is a +-5V sine wave with a reference starting at +5V on the y-axis. At probe (2) the waveform has +-5V sine wave reference starting on +6V because the capacitor filtered out the initial +5V dc voltage and the two 1K resistor was a voltage divider on the 12V to make 6V. Moins

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (Supermicro)

Skill test of schematic

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Pin layout

Amazon Lab126

Give me an example of board design you did to support validation?

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Designed a multiplexer card that enables DDR measurement in pass through mode between DIMM channel to SoC. Low voltage operation. Design parameters were low RdsON, BW, skew between the lanes and crosstalk. Moins


objects and structures in C++,vhdl programming


Of the questions I understood, none were too hard. It was less about what you were interviewing for and more about what I've done previously.


How will you use HIL to solve technical challenges?


Explain I2C and SPI interface? How do you debug an I2C interface? Explain a project you have done on Signal Integrity and Power Integrity? Have you used a Power Analyzer? What is a load transient and line transient? Why do you see a drop in output voltage in load transient event? How would you debug if output voltage of a PMIC is lower than expected?


It was all cake, pretty much hired on the spot.

SK hynix

Describe how to synchronize data between to interfaces running at different clock frequencies.

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (Supermicro)

explain north south bridge, PCIe, SATA, I2C in detail. explain projects(verilog) in detail.

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