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On a demandé à un Head of User Experience Design...7 août 2017

Another task I was asked to prepare for the third interview was: "Please conduct a review of from the point of view of a Chef actively looking for their next role. Present back your approach, findings and recommendations."

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Thank you for sharing!

I prepared a 30 minute Keynote presentation that I presented in person during the third interview. Moins

Sensitron Semiconductor

How can you increase the switching speed of a diode that has already been doped, without changing the geometrical layout of the diode?

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You can use ion implantation doping, to further change the dopant level.

You can also irradiate the diode


How would I work with development and product management?

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You work with each group and determine priorities and become the “glue” between each group. Moins


What experience do you have?

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I told them about my work through contract and in freelancer format.


What are some of your favorite design systems?

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Asana's, Material

Evince Group

why do you want to design fabrics in spite of being a garment guy??

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Because i think for a garment designer to reach his full potential a through knowledge of the base is necessary. Moins

Ovation (MA)

Connecting business with design, avoiding silos

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"Experience design" across multiple competencies


I don't remember all of the questions however I remember the topics we covered. 1. Methodology used (Agile) 2. Working under pressure 3. Attitude towards the team members 4. Can do attitude 5. Encourage innovation 6. Knowledge about technologies used (Angular, React etc.)

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To the best of my ability and since I m working there now it means it did well

Westpac Group

What was your role in doing direction setting of architecture?

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Explained the stakeholder management approach that i used

Itiviti, a Broadridge Business

What is the most important thing you are looking for in your next employer?

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A structured development plan and budget to allow my skills to grow

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