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ATS Euromaster
On a demandé à un Head of IT...23 novembre 2014

"Tell us about yourself"

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I'am interesting to work out of Romania

Iworked for Michelin Romania 9 year's and four Euromaster Romania,4 year's.Tehnical Sales Representant and Branch Manager,Timis county.I have 48 ,married two childrens, a boy 18 years and a girl 11 years.I currently work for a multibrand dealer specializing in tire more good year,dunlop ,fulda. Moins

Now that you have gone to a PFA to do what we expected you to do here with us, so, how well and better can you as the Head, ICT perform to take us ahead of where you were coming from?

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I started by saying, well, thank you once again for accepting me back for having left in the first place. On the performance requested, I said, during the started up of the PFA, we had some delays of implementation because our regulator, PenCom (The National Pension Commission) would once in a while get back to us telling us in writing what they expect us to achieve with respect to the setting of Servers consisting of the Domain , Application, Database and Web Servers and then the implementation of other operations like AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning that will convert all forms filled by employees and extract their data into the database. So, now that all these have started and operations have fully taken off, the deployment and implementation would come in handy and faster and we can take off almost immediately to start getting results from our investments. Moins

What and what would you need now?

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So, I gave them a list of items like Blade Servers, Routers, Switches, Hubs, OCR Printers (Front-line and Backup), normal printers, Server racks, raised floor implementation, Data Center creation, etc Moins

Your ability to work in a challenging environment

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Challenges are what prove your worth

Dialog Axiata

How do you handled the DR site implementation in your previous work places?

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Manged Services questions and some Linux questions?

Plaza Premium Group

Info Security related questions. How Cyber Security frame work is applied. Audit of Cyber security.

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I had explainded about ISO 270001 and CISA procedures


How do you move from a mega corporation to a much smaller corporation?

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It is all around the challenge and opportunity. Not the scope or size of the company. Moins


Tell me about yourself and job experience?

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I used a technique called SET, Skills and qualities, Experience and Type of person that i am Moins

Panasonic Avionics Corporation

What was my level of cloud transformation experience?

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8 years of hybrid cloud transformation experience which included the full transition of all data center workloads from 3 data centers, resulting in the closure of those 3 data centers and significant cost reduction. Moins


I was asked to detail my experience relevant to the role I applied for.

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I gave examples of achievements and experience throughout my career.

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