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DC Department of Health
On a demandé à un Public Health Analyst...12 janvier 2018

Practical experience questions and a display of skills with computer analysis exercises

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Explained how my past experience related to the current position


Why do you want to work here?

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Because it gives me the opportunity to build on my current knowledge of healthcare and I get to analyze data to help with marketing programs. Moins

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Behavioral questions.

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Situational work experiences

Tufts Health Plan

Tell us about yourself?

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I have been in my current position for X years, in which I perform X responsibilities. Moins

CDC Foundation

Describe your background in Public Health.

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Discussing my experiences in detail.


Why is there a 40% mark up on insurance benefits for young males to insure their spouse in a tech company.

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The spouse needs to undergo medical visits to the doctor and this is after the wife delivers a newborn during pregnancy. This accounts to a 2.1% top tier ratio. Moins


Explain a time you used Excel for problem solving

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Were you invited to the second round?


Leadership, communication, disagreement, prior experiences, why consulting, why health, etc.

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I interviewed for the NY office


There weren't any real "surprise" questions, but every interviewing wanted me to ask them questions.

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It's a good idea to come prepared to ANY interview, but it's especially true for Mathematica. Read their website, be familiar with their research areas and corporate structure, and make sure you are ready to ask questions. Moins


The presentation was about the launch of an OTC. One company (your client) had the research and science but did not have a way of market and launch the product itself (it was for the new drug to cure Hepatitis C). The other did all the marketing etc so you had to decide what to do. The choices: 1. Do it in house and try to build all those skills 2. Have the other company do the marketing and manufacturing (but taking a lot more profits). 3. Licensing it out. I picked 2.

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You picked 2 which was the right answer based on the information given - the client had strengths in R&D and had no business capabilities in marketing and product launch. If the client had the money or could raise the money and invest in manufacturing, marketing and sales, then it would make sense to choose 1, which is to build a vertically integrated pharma company. Moins

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