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On a demandé à Consultant Strategy, Customer & Operations – Healthcare (KPMG Plexus)...28 septembre 2017

Als u morgen Minister van VWS was welke 3 thema's zou u direct aanpakken?

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Could you please give some details on the type of case you received ?


Tell us why you're interested in IQVIA

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Tell us about a time you had to work in a team?

Air Liquide

What's your experience in remote HC monitoring?

Alira Health

Ich wurde gefragt, was ich über das Unternehmen weiß, warum ich für das Unternehmen arbeiten möchte, warum ich meine derzeitige Stelle aufgeben möchte und wo ich mich in 5 Jahren sehe.

Analysis Group

Take us through a study that you conducted from start to finish; what was your role in this project?

Analysis Group

Tell me about a time you made a mistake?

Baptist Health South Florida

Can you give you give me an example of your excel skills? Specifically what formulas do you have experience with?

Analysis Group

Why consulting? Why AnalysisGroup?


- Market Sizing case - Time you worked in a team - Leadership style

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