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J.P. Morgan
On a demandé à un Hedge Fund Services,...8 avril 2012

What is a Credit default swap?

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A credit default swap (CDS) is a financial swap agreement that the seller of the CDS will compensate the buyer in the event of a loan default or other credit event. The buyer of the CDS makes a series of payments (the CDS "fee" or "spread") to the seller and, in exchange, receives a payoff if the loan defaults. Moins

Credit defulat swaps acts as insurance because it transfer the risk from buyer of CDS to seller of CDS in case of defualt. Seller of CDS pay face value of loan to buyer of CDS. It is actually non isurance product. CDS is not subjected to regulation governing traditional insurance product. Also, investors can buy and sell protection without owning debt and this is called 'Naked Credit Defualt Swaps' Most importantly, the seller is not required to maintain reserves to cover the protection sold Moins


Who has the final decision on derivatives prices.

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The director.

This seems to be an invalid question. There are a lot of derivative instruments out there, options, futures, swap and etc and their prices are usually determined by various factors and some could be affected by the supply and demand of the market and for exchanged traded derivative theor market prices can be obtained easily. And i dont think the directors of the company taking position using those instrument have much influence on the price of the derivative. Moins

Goldman Sachs

If you were arrested for something that you believed wasn't wrong, what would you do?

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Change the law

Goldman Sachs

Tell me a time when you had to improve a process

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Mentioned the time I automatized some trading

Solomon Page

"Have you ever used a pivot table? What about a pivot chart? Have you used excel?"

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I had excel, pivot charts/tables in my resume, and had already scored perfectly on the excel test. The guy hadn't read anything about me and asked questions already answered. Moins


About CV and few accounting and Futures and options related questions

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Gave brief description about CV

HCL Technologies

Three golden rules of the accounting

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Debit what comes in credit what goes out(real account); Debit the receiver credit the giver(personal account); Debit all expenses and losses credit all income and gains(nominal account) Moins

Bear Stearns

How would you deal with an irate hedge fund manager?

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Find out the issue and address it as best I can. If I I need to escalate it, I will bring senior people to help. Moins

Goldman Sachs

Why would you not join us? (kind of stupid question, but I couldn't give a satisfactory answer)

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""" i din't get that much of chance..........! , still now. '''"'

Renaissance Technologies

Yes I’m coming home now I will pick you up

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Yes I’m coming home now I will pick you up at the shower and pick up bread

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