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Banff Park Lodge
On a demandé à un Helicopter Pilot...12 avril 2019

Availability if their pilot retired.

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Will you work 14 hours days, up to 7 or 9 days in a row?

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US Army

No questions were formally asked. There was a flight aptitude test that had to be taken among other things, that had technical questions, aviation and non-aviation specific questions, and two forms of psychological profiling tests included within it.

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Scored very well on the test with moderate studying.

US Army

Why do you want to fly for the Army?

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You love the nation.

PHI - Louisiana

They will ask you questions about US airspace operations and detailed questions about the VFR sectional chart.

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Correctly. Incorrect answers end the interview.

Bristow Group Inc

tell us about yourself, why this company, do you know anybody at the company, what do you think of flying with someone was the Captain with less experience and younger, Why should we employ you? etc etc

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Honestly, think safety as a priority in everything, prepare standard question responses. Moins

Air Methods

Why do you want to become an EMS Pilot?

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Various Airspace questions?

Willing to deal with seeing people suffering and possibly die during missions?

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No Problem!

Pawan Hans Helicopters

How much of flying experience do you have.

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I told them te amount of flying i had done.

US Navy

Why do you want to be a pilot?

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I like to fly.

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