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On a demandé à un IT Help Desk...9 mars 2014

"Do you have any reservations reporting to a woman."

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This should not matter. Treat it as a "red flag" that may indicate prejudice or a tolerance unprofessional behavior. Moins

No problem working under a woman’s guidance

I have worked under many women IT management and they have been awesome.

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Chalk Mountain Services of Texas, LLC

What do you consider a team, how would you describe it?

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A group of individuals working together for the common good of the company. Goals being set and accomplished, by each, doing their best together. Moins

Team work

Making sure everyone understands and reaches there objective. no one gets left behind Moins

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What is your weakness

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I work very hardly and sometimes I never maintain a work life balance

I sometimes have trouble saying ‘no’ and end up overwhelmed by my workload. Earlier in my career, I would take on so many projects that I’d work evenings and weekends. It was stressful. I realized this was counterproductive, so I started using workload management tools and setting better expectations for myself and my teammates Moins

Self aware

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You are facing issue unable to connect to internet (page cant be displayed on the browser). You have check the LAN cable is on and have light. The signal bar in computer also showing ok without "X" mark on it. But why still cant access to internet?

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My answer: Maybe he did not pay the internet bill yet.

Or the IP conflict by another Pc or is the ISP provider site problem

Yes. Maybe too

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DXC Technology

How many Balloons can you fit in a garage?

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"The question doesn't provide enough information and I must ask more questions to have a better understanding." Moins

I don't know how many balloons can fit in a garage, but I can try it and see physically, LOL! Or, I can get the size of the balloon that I will inflate with air fully and the square ft size of the garage and calculate from there. Moins

There are too many unknown variables to provide an accurate answer. For example, if the balloons are not inflated, in a typical two-car garage, there could be several millions, depending upon the size of the balloons, how many other objects are in the garage, the internal cubic footage, etc. As in basic troubleshooting, in order to get to the right answer, it is necessary to gather as much information about the situation as possible, to help narrow the issues to those truly pertinent to the case. Then a specific, targeted solutions can be discerned and implemented. Moins


Something you are proud of other than that you graduated (since i am fresh graduate)

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Only thing got in my mind participating in charity works =D

being able to stand on my feet after braking down several times


Trader Joe's

tell me about a time you dealt with a diffucult situation

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I deal with over 100 call per day - intellingent inteview person: if you had the intelligence enough, I would give you 1000 scenarious in a span of 2 weeks to see if you even keep up to the resolutions a professional help desk professional can accomplish. btw - so you are an interviewer and sit in your butt, and talk too much but "DO YOU EVEN DO ANY PRODUCTIVE WORK ??? " Moins

Based on your comment here, I wouldn't hire you either

I ducked while being shot at.

Half Price Books

I was asked for a pun about a pig, which is a very difficult question to answer when you're not expecting.

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Have a glass of swine. But don't hog it all.

What do you say to a pig who refuses to take a bath? Hogwash!

what does that have to do with a job for an internet help desk position?


Lets suppose your shift is about to end and you receive a phone call from an engineer who is at that time a customer and he wants a support from you that requires you to switch off a server. You go to the server room and by mistake remove the wiring of the wrong server and realize it afterwards that you have made a mistake. What will you do?

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I will apologize to the caller that it was my fault. I will ask the caller to give me some more time to fix the problem for him. I will go back to the server room to facilitate the caller's request by removing the correct server and after that I will re establish the server I removed by mistake. Moins


what is printer spooler

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i didn't really know the answer but i was attempt to answer based of the specific word in the question like when i heard printer i assume this is related to printer driver solution the answer was wrong of course. Moins

manages the print jobs sent to the printer server connected to a network or the printer directly from a computer. Print spooler enables the user some control over the queued printing tasks running in the background of Windows PC. Moins

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