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On a demandé à un Help Desk Manager...6 décembre 2013

No question was difficult.

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No question was difficult but I came back with a sense they didn't know what it was they wanted for the position. Moins

Hi, We're sorry that you felt the interview itself was a negative experience. We love that you were impressed by our friendliness, however, we're always looking for ways to improve our candidate experience. You're welcome to contact me directly if you have suggestions. I can be reached at Moins

Would you be willing to start at a lower position for less pay and be promoted with an increase in a few months?

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With the understanding that I am guaranteed that promotion, yes.


Whats your favorite color?

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idgaf nyeugga

Beth Israel Lahey Health

What ticketing system for incident reports was I familiar with

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How would you handle an upset customer?

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Give them the felling that I was taking care of them in every way possible and that I would get back with them until their issues were resolved. Moins

Chicago State University

What hours do you want?

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What did you do before?


Tell me about a painful experience from your previous job AAnD how you overcame it.

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I told them about a painful experience, being too much work and too few people, and how I handled that. Moins

Vision Computer Solutions

How would you handle incoming incidents and requests?

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With it being a help desk management position, the focus is on how to handle the incoming incidents and requests. I couched my answer in best practices from HDI and ITIL and explained the necessity for strong knowledge management. Moins


Are you certified before the AMIB? (The Mexican Association of Securities Intermediaries)

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Yes I am

Management styles discussed relevant software, hardware, procedures, etc. Management style questions centered around how-to situations and how to enhance productivity with certain types of employees

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One-on-one meetings were stressed as very important to foster communication between management and hourly employees. Allowing employees to express themselves and be part of the process helped greatly. Moins

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