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On a demandé à un Help Desk Supervisor...10 mai 2017

How much do you make at your current job?

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Sorry I'm not telling you how much I make. That's an unethical question. (I should have ended the interview right there). The ethical approach is to ask the candidate what they expect to make. If their expectations are not in line with market, the employer ends the interview. It's really as simple as that. But I do want to thank them for making me realize how good to me my current employer is. Dexcom could not have competed with my current compensation package. Moins

Activate Care

What do you know about Activate Care?

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I did my best to explain what the company does to my understanding.


Asked what three qualities I would look for in an employee.

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1. Self motivated (self starter) 2. Team player willing to help out others 3. Willingness to learn new technology Moins

Pacific Office Automation

Question about experience and qualifications within supervising others.

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Talked about how long I have been working as a supervisor and how long I've been in working in technology. Moins


Asked what percentage of my time was spent as a manager versus technical duties. I responded 50%/50%.

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Recruiter was looking for someone who was 70% technical hands on.

BP - A Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo

Experiências profissionais, o que diferencia um coordenador de um supervisor, métodos inovativos para gestão de pessoas de TI

ST Electronics (Singapore)

What is important in setting up a new team ?

InterVision Systems

What was a difficult situation you had at your last job and how did you deal with it. How do you feel about working in a fast pace environment.

Douglas-Omaha Technology Commission

I don't recall them asking me any questions.

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In my interview the supervisor I would be working for leaned back in his chair put his feet up on the table and started doing things on his cell phone. Not acceptable at all. Moins

Suhai Seguros

Sobre experiências profissionais, sobre detalhes do meu curriculo.

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