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On a demandé à un Helpdesk Manager...17 avril 2018

Behavioral, motivational, technical

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real life experiences


How would you build a global team of helpdesk technicians and keep them motivated?

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Weekly meetings to give everyone a voice, inspire the team to enjoy a collaborative environment where they can all have a hand in discussing and shaping how to effectively support our end users. In addition to this have a monthly zoom meeting to have everyone join at an appropriate time after hours with coffee or cocktail in hand and just discuss life, family and friends. Global team bonding. Moins

Fletchers Solicitors

There were a few challenging questions

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All questions were answered honestly from real life experiences

Power Design

Do you have any other questions? In what roles do you see yourself here?

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We had already discussed the three questions i asked prior to me asking them, as they were asked throughout our conversation. I asked about upcoming projects which i was simply told "We are always growing, and have many projects" The only project he discussed was creating a large touch screen table where blueprints would be planned. When I asked about their technology, it was basically Verizon issued tablets, and VMware infrastructure, it didn't get much deeper than that. When responding to the roles question i responded with I have a large base of experience and i would be willing to work in any role within IT where you feel i would make a great fit. That wasn't good enough, I guess I had to tell them position and roles I was going to fill there, usually management works the other way around, but who knew? Just make sure you're pretty or cute, and dress like your going to attend a high end wedding at a golf club. I'm going to bet some women have a very hard time getting hired here as looks matter most here. Also, when asked questions, just worry about sales-type pitches, and not having technical experience, it's clear that is what their looking for. Moins

Universal Solutions International

How would you handle a stressful situation with a government Client.

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Client is always right, even when they're not. You have to learn to make their thought making process into the correct one. Moins

We need someone who is not 9 - 5 are you happy with that

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I cannot believe that all your team members liked you!

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I sad "Okay"


Do you know how to run Cat5e cable?

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How would you handle a live site issue? Take us through your last live site incident and what were your responsibilities? Technical questions, importance of KB, hobbies, how would you manage difficult customer. What gets me excited and what is my passion?

Apptus Technologies

How would you go about building a team?

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